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Boot camp. Swim, for you easy or hard?

Easy, for me. (I was on swim team)

PSA on Marriage in the Navy

Trying to think of marriages, from my time in the Navy and all the realms of Reactor Department, that are still going strong today.

1…2,3…4 (aw 4’s such a cute couple!), 5,6…7 (nah that’s a questionable 7, I saw the things he did in port calls). And that’s it. Out of the like 31 marriages I personally knew of.

So maaaybe just take a breath and wait a minute before getting married in your early 20s in the Navy. The extra pay is seriously not worth it.

Statistics improve for relationships begun and hung out in while in the Navy, so maybe just relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Hi again! I just got home from taking it, I got a 92! I was literally one point off from qualifying for the nuke program without the NAPT but still, I got it! I take the NAPT next week. Thank you so much!

See, called it :) Congrats!!

Hi! So I am looking to enlist in the Navy as HM... but they are telling me it's overmanned and that they may be able to get me the job if I pick a far out ship date and they find an opening in the meantime. However, the Army is basically saying they can offer me 68W (healthcare specialist) right away but the opportunity will be gone if I wait a long time on the Navy and don't end up getting HM. Thoughts??

Hmm…do you want to join the Navy or the Army? It’s up to you really, of course, but Ima go ahead and try to steer ya Navy :)

I had to wait 9 months for the nuke field, signed up in September and shipped out the following June, and that worked out fine really, I just waitressed and took a few classes at community college until then (my Screenwriting class was SO cool!)—you could even take some health care pre-reqs and be all on top of your shipmates at HM school!

Also it sounds like Army’s trying to pressure you which I’m not into. But I’m completely biased. :) Good luck!

Hi! My name is Andriana and I'm looking into the Navy Nuke Program. I met with a recruiter this morning and scored a 90 on the practice ASVAB and he's sending me to MEPS on Thursday. I'm kind of worried that I'm moving too fast, and I'm afraid I'm not going to qualify for the Nuke program with my ASVAB scores. Are there any tips for doing well on the Electrical and Nuclear portions? Thank you!

Honestly, I think you’ll be fine. The ASVAB made me feel like an idiot and I got a 96, I didn’t even understand what the mechanical section was talking about, so yeah, I would just go on and go for it!

Oh, it is Thursday there…hope you went through with it and hope you did well! :)

1 bathroom 6 toilets of which 1 is overflowing causing poop to be on the floor one doesnt have a toilet seat and the door doesnt close and most of them don’t have enough flushing capability to flush pee about 5-6 showers and 5-6 faucets of which at least 2 don’t work there’s no hot water and all of my department is required to be onboard for 3 days straight aka about 250-300 dudes using that one bathroom since all the other ones in the back of the ship are off limits…gotta love the nuke shipboard life.
Friend talking about the Navy making me glad I’m no longer in the Navy.
If i join the navy do i have to take my nose piercing out? i know thats dumb.. but im serious :-/

Haha yes, for boot camp, and when actually doing your Navy work after that, in uniform and all, you’ll have to have the nose piercing out.

But your off time is your off time and lots of people have extra piercings; I dated a guy who had a tongue ring (yeah I don’t get it), and I myself have TWO ear piercings per ear (pretty crazy I know), and could only wear one brushed-silver-earball-no-wider-than-7mm-or-something in uniform per ear. But I was always going wild with the two earrings when I was off on liberty!

I'm nineteen and I've been considering the navy since my senior year of high school. I've brought it up to my mom and she told me that she doesn't think I should,but if I'm going to I shouldn't do it behind her back. I'm pretty dependent on her and I just don't want to be anymore. I want to leave home and make my own money and have my own life. What should I tell her now?

As much as I REALLY don’t want to go against anyone’s mom…

It kind of sounds like this is something you really want to do, so maybe do some research online, talk to a recruiter, and then talk to her about all the research you’ve done and the options there are. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be your own decision, but you should keep her involved.

It was similar for me—I think if I didn’t join the Navy, I never would have left home and tried to figure things out on my own. I kept telling myself I would save money to do college and set out on my own…but at 18 I just went and bought a pizza instead. Even though it was never going to be my life’s career I knew it would the Navy would at least get me going!

Also I’m not sure what she has against the Navy…maybe it’s a perfectly reasonable concern, but if it’s political/superficial/rumor-based, there are lots of reasons the Navy can be a good option, in my opinion, and hopefully, if you decide it’s a good option for you, your mom will come around!

To James Garner, who totally had ‘it.’
(James Garner during the Korean War. Jeez you can barely make out his handsome face in this shitty lo-res photo.)
Back in the day it was like all the awesome actors had military experience—can we please make that a thing again?
Some famous veterans who happen to be ladies would be ideal!

To James Garner, who totally had ‘it.’

(James Garner during the Korean War. Jeez you can barely make out his handsome face in this shitty lo-res photo.)

Back in the day it was like all the awesome actors had military experience—can we please make that a thing again?

Some famous veterans who happen to be ladies would be ideal!


I’m honored to be wearing these uniforms. Hooyah!

Go girl!


IKE Shooter Gangnam Style

This needs no explanation. 

Damn pilots. :) Wouldn’t even have that steam for the catapults if it wasn’t for Reactor Department, slaving away in the decks below!

Hey I leave for boot camp on Wednesday and I was wondering how your experience was. I will admit im a little nervous but my bf is 4yrs in the navy and my father is retired navy. My job is HM! Thanks

Ah you got this, boot camp will be a fine, though maybe a bit warm in the middle of July, just follow rules and get yelled at! I’ve written some things about it, and so has this girl, and yeah it’s just this thing you get through then you’re in the real Navy.

Also I love it that women like you and I joined because our dads were in, that is SO cool.

Good luck to you! HM should be super interesting!

Hello, my name is Hayley and I was looking at the U.S. Navy hashtag and saw that you are in the Navy. Just wanted to ask if you were part of the U.S. Naval Academy? Because I plan on joining

Nah didn’t go to the Naval Academy, just enlisted. I wanted to study something creative, fun and just for me in college (English lit and writing), and don’t think the Naval Academy would have been the right place for that…knew some lovely officers who went there though!

Back in My Day We Used Aircraft Carriers for Aircraft!

None of these shenanigans!

Nice one, BMW, but mostly in my head I’m nerding it up going through the reasons this would be impossible. (photo from here)

That being said though there’s definitely real-life precedent for the carcraft carrier:

(photo from here)

"[T]he outcry from other service members against Mr. Lord was overwhelming condemnation. Many of them researched who he was, where he was stationed, what chain of command he fell under, and within a few short hours after the comment Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), his chain of command, the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Coordinator (SAPR), and the HQ and higher levels of the Navy were all notified."

What an asshole. I found this out from some of my former nuke buddies and everyone was completely appalled. I hope this dickhead doesn’t discourage anyone from joining because the reaction from real sailors has been far more impressive than his cowardly comment.